Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Make Up Tower

I think I have found the solution to the problem that is my dressing table.

The problem I am referring to is that I didn't have a proper storage system for my cosmetics. Things were plonked on the surface in a haphazard fashion and many items rolled off and fell into the abyss behind the radiator. Indeed, many a lipstick has met this fate. My beloved MAC Ruby Woo was MIA for ages until I found it melted and mouldy behind said radiator. What a sorry ass sight that was. A Nars lip laquer - nearly new but reduced to pot of liquid goo - was also recovered from behind said radiator.

Then there are the numerous absent minded losses; I refer back to MAC Ruby Woo. MAC Ruby Woo #1 met its death behind the radiator and so I diligently repurchased a #2. Even though I don't have the balls to wear this statement red (and bloody hell is this a statement red) on a regular basis, it is a staple of my lipstick wardrobe: I just feel incomplete without a red in the collection. MAC Ruby Woo #2 was put in a 'safe place' which is so frickin' safe I have never found it again...

I set about creating a 'make up tower' out of the perspex drawers available from Muji so that I can ensure my MAC Ruby Woos and other stuff is happily housed and don't feel the need to commit suicide down the back of my radiator to escape the mess or do a runner to the 'safe place', and so for a total of just under £50, I got 6 drawers and a brush holder thing which is stackable and can grow with the make up collection. This is kind of pricey to some people (cue a sharp intake of breath) but - come on - look at how nice it is!:

This is a work in progress - I haven't finished filling it with all my stuff and to be honest I feel like buying new stuff just to put in it. How terrible is that! Anyway this little perspex construction will no doubt prevent the purchase of MAC Ruby Woo #4.