Sunday, 13 June 2010

Primes... Primarni... Primark!

Right. I'm going to try and knock this blog post out in record time - I'm so tired I'm verging on delirious but such is my commitment to blogging that I am pushing through my duvet-desire to tell you about my recent acquisitions!

I prepared for the England vs USA match the only way I knew how - yes - I went shopping!

Went into Primark (codename Primes or Primarni amongst some of my friends) and picked up the following:

Little faux suede cross-body bag for £4 (also comes in navy):

Cute on the outside, crappy firehazard flammable plasticky lining on the inside - but who the heck cares!

Then I found these babies: faux suede platform heels £12. Very similar to a pair that I've seen in Aldo for £70:

Again, cute on the outside, slippy as hell on the underside - nearly went skidding across the shop floor when walking over to the mirror. Going to have to score the soles on these, or risk breaking my neck. Nice and comfy though. Although, not sure what good that is when you are lying in traction in hospital following a particularly nasty fall.

Final item - a pair of sunnies that cost £2 and have the unusual feature of arms that aren't placed in the middle/top of the side of the lens, but at the bottom of them. It almost looks as if you are wearing them upside down:

Cue gratuitous picture of me prancing around in shades:

Told you I was delirious.

I'm off to cleanse, tone, moisturise and all that business, then I'm hitting the sack!

Wishing you all a great forthcoming week...


Topshop - Lip Stick

I went to see Sex & the City 2 on its opening night in Westfield and beforehand, went in search of the Topshop make up collection. I didn't exactly leg it down to Topshop on the launch day... something told me the range would be a total homage to make up mediocrity and I was right, I think. The only products that really drew me in were the 'Lip Stick' lip crayons/pencils (£7).

I picked up the bright pink shade, 'Rosa' and loved the way it swatched - quite opaque in texture and slightly glossy:

It's a white based pink, quite pale but bright at the same time. I think fans of Mac's Lady Gaga/ Pink Nouveau lipsticks might like this one, although it's a darker version of those shades, so is more wearable for skintones like mine.

It doesn't drag when applying and I also like that because it's a pencil, you can be more precise when shaping your lips, but doesn't take too long to fill in your lips because of its jumbo size.

Drawback? I don't have a sharpener for jumbo pencils! Schoolboy error or what?? It is now languishing on my dressing table, blunt. Pointless, in more ways than one. More pointless, in fact, than my World Cup Sweepstake picks - Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Not. A. Chance. In hell.

Although, in their favour, neither of those countries have Butterfingers Green in goal! =D