Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You Are Feeling Schleepy...Very Verrry Schleepy

I LOVE this make up tutorial. It is HYPNOTIC.

I love Alex Box's creativity and the whole Illamasqua brand that she helped create - I really do think it is one of the more interesting, daring and inspiring brands out there. Their whole tag line 'make up for you alter ego' says it all really (incidentally, whilst on the subject of Illamasqua, I appear to have lost my Pure Pigment in Furore. Pissed off much? Er YEAH).

In this make up tutorial she creates a smoky eye, contoured cheeks and cupid bow lips using cool purple tones which lend themselves to a very 1920s look.

This may sound weird but watching her blend so artfully makes me feel like I've popped a tranquiliser. The music in the background is so soothing that I often just play this on loop when I am trying to get to sleep, whilst listening to Alex's instructions in the hope I might pick up some of her skills by way of osmosis.

And as for the model - she has an ethereal look and bone structure to die for.

Enough rhapsodising - here it is: Illamasqua - Art of Application - Ingenue

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