Sunday, 5 December 2010

MyFace: Blingtone Eyeshadow

Not a huge fan of sparkly eyeshadows. I love my shimmers, but glitter- if it's not finely milled- means tacky, means fall out, means mess.

I recently purchased the MyFace Blingtone shadow in Bellbottom Blues (£10) and was so impressed with the pigmentation and the fine glitter particles. This colour is seriously gorgeous and would suit most skintones. You could do a really light wash, blending it out (this would make the glitter more apparent as you would effectively be blending away the base colour) or make it opaque. The latter was the approach I took and the overall effect definitely had impact and - thankfully - staying power. Noone wants to visit the ladies' midway through a night out and find that their glitter eyeshadow has migrated south.

Check out the swatches:

Application wise, I patted this on all over the lid with my fingers to minimise fall out and build up density (when building up the colour I find that brushes just flick the glitter about) and then blended the edges with my trusty 217.

In anticipation of fallout I did my eyes before my base which made cleaning up under the eye easy - a quick sweep with a cleansing wipe sorted it out.

Great colour for Christmas parties and for drama! Also has a bit of 1970s disco vibe to it - I felt a bit like Donna Summer in her heyday!


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