Monday, 5 April 2010

The Best Nude Nail Colour?

I've always shied away from wearing nude colours on my nails because I could never find a shade that compliments and lifts my skintone, giving me that polished, understated 'expensive' look... they always seem to make me look unwashed, like I could do with a good scrub with a nail brush...

Until now!!

O.P.I's 'Dulche De Leche' strikes the perfect balance between a nude/fleshtone, without being too pink or too grey.

Everyone went mad recently for Chanel's Les Particulieres as the season's best nude... but I didn't jump on that bandwagon because that shade (minky grey) would do nothing for my skintone (passable for light asian/south american/mixed race) and would just make me look like I'd dipped my fingertips in clay (which is fine if that's the look you are going for, but i wasn't!)

'Dulche De Leche' ticks the boxes for me - and best of all it's by my favourite nail brand, OPI. I can paint it on on a Sunday and know that I won't have to touch it til the next Sunday.

Check out my pic.

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