Tuesday, 6 April 2010

This easter, I have been mostly wearing...

Nars 'Easy Lover' Lipgloss.

Never been a massive fan of Nars lip products (lipsticks too drying, lipglosses not glossy enough, although LOVE everything else Nars) but I purchased this because I'm a sucker for bright pinks and I am on a quest to find a dupe for the Lancome Juicy Pop limited edition gloss in 'Electric Pink' that came out a couple of summers ago... quite possibly the best gloss I've ever had (blue-based, well pigmented pink that looked good in all stages of its lifecycle on the lip - started out glossy and left a lovely, even stain as it wore off).

This ain't no Juicy Pop, but it does give a pretty, translucent wash of pink on the lips either by itself or over lipstick.

So, will I be having more dalliances with an easy lover in the future, once I exhaust this one? Nah. I won't be repurchasing. Mainly because, everytime I re-apply, I get the Phil Collins song of the same name* stuck in my head.

And that folks, is not a good thing.

*for those unfamiliar with this song, please see the horrendous youtube video below and my reason for not repurchasing will be justified.


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