Monday, 12 April 2010

The Want List: April 2010

(L-R: Too Faced Mood Swing Lipgloss, Dior Addict Colour Awakening Lip Balm, Mac Prep+Prime finishing powder)

I don't want the sales assistants to take out an injuction on me so I'm going to stop doing repeated slow cruises past these make-up counters and finally make it my business to acquire some products that I've been eyeing up for a while:

  1. MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder £17
    Finding a finishing powder that lasts and isn't ageing seems to be akin to searching for the holy grail. Loads of people have blogged about this, extolling its mattifying but non-cakey qualities and how it hardly ever needs to be touched-up.

  2. Revlon Matte 'Strawberry Suede' Lipstick £7.29
    Bright but not garish, matte but not drying, this is such beautiful coral-red for summer. I swatched around 15 Revlon lipsticks on my hand in Boots the other day (pearl, creme and matte formulations- all very nice) and this colour had the 'wow' factor.

    I like the sophistication of matte lipsticks but hate the application and wear of them - they feel drying and after a while look...stale. I'm always conscious I've got them on my lips. This one doesn't drag and does actually have a suede-like finish, perfect for creating a rockabilly/pin-up girl look.

    This might become my summertime obsession, so I will do a separate post about this once I have it and include pics.

    It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  3. Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lip Balm £20.50
    Saw this on a Pixiwoo youtube tutorial and I liked what I saw. It seems to live up to its claims, noticeably "beautifying and enhancing natural lip colour". At £20.50 for what is essentially a balm, it's not cheap, but I will figure out some make-up maths (same principle as fashion maths- price per wear etc) to justify it.

  4. Too Faced Mood Lipgloss £12.00
    There seems to be a 1990s make-up revival on the catwalks this spring and another 1990s trend appears to have influenced this range of lipglosses - lipgloss that changes colour with your mood. Yes, guilty as charged - I was the owner of several mood rings in my youth (as well as the plastic dummies - remember those?!). Oh, the shame.

    I swatched these in Boots and quite liked the Petal Pink or Berry Pink shades. The Pink Shimmer one looks too milky white and didn't transform much on my hand. Maybe I just wasnt in the mood?

    It's probably all a gimmicky marketing ploy that preys on nostalgic twenty-something year-olds, but I am curious as to what this is like on the lips and whether it is actually reactive...

  5. Tom Ford's Private Blend Lipcolour £35
    The ex-Gucci designer and director of the Oscar winning film 'A Single Man' has brought out a range of lipsticks that British Vogue devoted a full page to in their April '10 issue. Due for release on April 24, these are slickly packaged, as you'd expect from the Ford-ster. Tom Ford is known for being meticulous - to the extent that he wore them himself whilst in development to make sure they were just right - so I am intrigued to test these colours and see how they perform.

    The stand out colours for me are: Blush Nude, Ginger Fawn, True Coral and Pure Pink. But at £35 each, I think just one of these babies will do. In fact, damn - that's a lot of money. I will need to carefully consider this purchase.

I realise all of the above are lip products and allude to a misspent afternoon swatching make-up in Boots. If anyone has tried any of these, please let me know your thoughts :D

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