Thursday, 8 April 2010

My new MAC blusher

In the space of a couple of weeks, I seemed to keep hearing about MAC blush in 'Peaches' from different sources.

Firstly, I heard that Kim Kardashian uses it to achieve that coral/peach glow she has. As a fan of KK's make-up looks, this was the first tick in the box.

The second tick in the box came when I read that the chick off T4 -Jameela Jamil- uses it because "it makes you look like you eat fruit even though you don't". Now as someone that never seems to fulfil her 5-a-day quota, I took this as a sign. I was meant to take my ass down to MAC and acquire this. The universe was telling me to.

I do like this blush. I like MAC sheertone formulations and this colour is a true peach, which is quite lifting.

Works well with Sugarbomb as a highlight (see my previous post about sugarbomb).


  1. Real nice blush. seems perfect for the summer! Might pick it up as well.

  2. definitely a good one for glitter in it at all so won't look like a disco ball in the sunshine :D