Saturday, 17 April 2010

O.P.I Haul

My mum's an OPI obsessive and so am I, so recently between us we picked up few new colours! Most of them are from the Hong Kong collection that came out not so long ago. Here's a breakdown:

Red My Fortune Cookie:
A pillar box red. A brighter red than the other OPI reds that I have (Comet Loves Cupid, Big Apple Red). Less blue based than the others. Probably not my favorite red but a nice bright one all the same. I like how red nails straddle the classy/tarty line.

Hot and Spicy:
Kind of reminds me of a shade from the Miami collection, 'OPI on Collins Ave' but with less red. This colour happened to be in loads of magazines that I picked up. Quite a wearable orange and is a nice match for the coral make-up that has been on trend recently.

Dim Sum Plum:
Nice but unremarkable. Ubiquitous in the way that I think you'd find this sort of shade in every brand's nail polish collection.

Lucky Lucky Lavender:

This shade seemed to receive loads of column inches as the pastel nail trend landed. I was worried about this looking too Tippex-y but I don't think it does. I received lots of compliments when I wore this for the first time - I think it's quite unusual. A cheaper dupe can be found in the Barry M range.

Yoga-ta Get This Blue!:

Hmmm. This looks so lovely in the bottle, like OPI's Russian Navy but with a teal shimmer running through it.Unfortunately the shimmer doesn't come through when you apply it to the nails and it ends up looking just like Russian Navy or the Barry M dupe of Russian Navy.

My favourites from the above? Lucky Lucky Lavender because it's not usually the shade family that I go for and Hot & Spicy because it's a wearable orange.

Anyone tried the Leighton Denny range? As I type this, he is on the shopping channel flogging his wares, which appear to be priced similarly to OPI... am tempted to try it but if I don't like it then the opportunity cost would be that I could have got a bottle of OPI instead! Let me know what the verdict is on the Leighton Denny stuff...

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