Sunday, 4 April 2010

New York... concrete jungle where dreams are made of (and where Sephora is on every corner)

I've just come back from New York City (my first time) and to say that I was excited about getting back into Sephora would be a massive understatement. I. Could. Not. Wait. I had searched out all the branches in the city beforehand and found that there was one 2 minutes away from my hotel in Times Square which was open til about 10pm at night... let the shopping commence.

I've loved Sephora since its short-lived stint in Brent Cross shopping centre (someone needs to bring it back quicktime... I struggle to understand how it wouldn't do well - I alone could keep it afloat with the sheer volume of my purchases) and the Miami branch on Collins Ave, where I received the best customer service *ever* (thanks Stacey!).

Like a loser, I couldn't contain my excitement as I was approaching it so I took a photo to commemorate the occasion...

Stay tuned for a post showing my make-up haul from the US including the stuff i picked up in Sephora...

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