Monday, 5 April 2010

Fuller Lips: My Favourite Lip Trick!

Top Picture: Before
Bottom Picture: After

I like using this trick to make my lips look fuller in a subtle way.

You basically need 3 shades of lipstick and one clear gloss:

1. Fleshtoned/Nude Colour
2. Darker pinkish brown shade
3. Pale gold tone

1. Apply the fleshtone/nude colour all over your lips (I use Lancome L'Absolou Rouge in 06 Rose Nu)
2. Apply the darker shade in the centre of the lipline on your lower lip. This creates a shadow under the fullest part of the bottom lip which makes it look fuller (I used Chanel Allure in Prodigious )
3. Apply the pale shade in the centre of both lips, again to make it fuller and catch the light (I used Nars Lipgloss in Orgasm)
4. Apply clear gloss all over (e.g. Lancome Juicy Tubes or Lipglass by MAC).

This works well for day or with a smoky eye as the overall look is pale. You don't have to use the same products - any dupes you have will do.

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